How to Change Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins?

How to Change Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins? ;How to Change Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins? ; Borderlands 3 players who want a nice look on their favorite weapons, this article is for you.

Borderlands 3 It may contain millions of weapons, but it also has a source of healthy looks. While style isn't everything, there's no reason why players shouldn't have great looking weapons when taking down their enemies.

How to Change Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins?

Borderlands 3 is a very menu-driven game when it comes to making any character changes, so it shouldn't be surprising that the same applies to weapons. To change weapon skins, players will need to open the main menu and go to their equipment. Players can then highlight and inspect any equipped weapon.

-This is by selecting the weapon, then PC'also EIt can be done by pressing , or by pressing the right control stick on consoles.

PC'players in later X button or click on the small Change Skin option at the bottom right of the screen.

This will bring up a list of available skins, and players will then select the ones they want and apply them to the weapon.

-On consoles players to open the view menu X or a Squared buttons, select the skin they want to use, and finally to apply it to the weapon. A or X can press buttons.

Players who want to get more skins can do so by playing the game. Random skins for weapons can drop from enemies as loot. Players who want a little more control over their appearance can use skins directly. The SanctuaryThey can be purchased from Crazy Earl in the download section of .Crazy Earl, Eridium will only be separated from their skin in return, so players may need to collect a few before getting what they want.

For a final personal flair, players may want to put some trinkets on their weapons. These little ornaments hang from weapons and can look like skulls, weapon maker icons, or even tiny Claptraps. They can be earned in various ways such as world drops, quest rewards, or once again Crazy Earl'Can be purchased from

As players play through the game's content, they will pass through a lot of weapons. Borderlands 3 In a game like this, weapon customization can be even more important. Having preferred skins can add a sense of consistency and giving some of the best guns in the game a cool looking skin feels great and allows players to make their own.