How to Obtain Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

How to Obtain Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys? , Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys  ; Borderlands 3'fame new Diamond Key The currency is officially available in-game, but there is only one way players can unlock items.

Borderlands 3 The Director's Cut DLC has finally been released, bringing plenty of new content to the game for players to enjoy. This Borderlands 3 One of the major additions made by the Sanctuary 3in Diamond Armory, but if players want to get in, a Diamond Key they will need to take it.

Fortunately, Borderlands 3'Fame Diamond Key The system is simple enough to understand. Although players need to have RNG with them to get the keys, the way to obtain them is quite simple. Before players begin their hunt, they need to ensure that Director's Edit is purchased and downloaded to their preferred platform.

How to Obtain Diamond Keys?

Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

One of the biggest Director's Cut add-ons is the Vault Card mechanic, a new battle pass mechanic that players can work on. While three House Cards will eventually be added to the game, currently Fallen Heroes There is only one available card. After activating, players will see a new XP bar have been added to the bottom of their screen.

From here, Borderlands 3 Fans just need to level up and gain XP. This can be done by playing any mission and killing any enemy, but daily and weekly challenges will also be available through Vault Cards. As players progress, the new bar at the bottom of the screen fills up and once filled, a Vault Card CrateProvides access to . These cases are a random piece of hardware, Eridium, great vault card cosmetic or a Vault Card Key and Key allows players to choose any cosmetic or weapon to unlock from the card. Crates may also contain Diamond Keys, although they are extremely rare – this allows players to keep unlocking chest rewards to get one.

How to Use Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys
Borderlands 3 Diamond Keys

Borderlands 3 When players are lucky enough to receive a Diamond Key, they can access the Diamond Armory in Sanctuary 3. Once inside, the key will need to be placed in the Diamond Chest in the middle of the room. From there, panels will drop on all three sides of the Armory, each offering a ton of different Legendary items. On the left, players can find mods on the right and shields with weapons on the middle wall. A piece can be taken from each of the panels.

It's also worth noting that players in the Diamond Armory have a time limit, meaning they have a very long time to scan each wall for a good item. Therefore, it's best to prioritize one or two walls, instead picking a random item from the third wall. When an item is taken from each wall, Borderlands 3 fans can open the Diamond Chest for a fourth item. It is guaranteed to be a Legendary gear that allows players to get plenty of loot from each of the rare keys.