BOKU BOKU v1.0.204 (Mod Apk)

BOKU BOKU v1.0.204 (Mod Apk) BOKU BOKU is a block building game, maybe you can use the blocks to build your collecting world, a special playground for you.

– Block building game, Origin Freely!
– Many interactive objects for the game.
– Right for kids, family and lady.
– Multiplayer mode help.
– Reliably evolving!

[ Awards ]

– TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019: Indie Sport Recount – Legit Option
– BitSummit 7 Spirits – Legit Option
– TAIPEI GAME SHOW 2019: Indie Home – Legit Option
– HKGD GCE 2018: Start Neighborhood – Gold Award
– Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Digital Leisure – Silver Award
– 2018 indiePlay: Excellence in Innovation – Nominated
– The Very Nice Indie Pitch: Hong Kong – Finalist
– Indie Prize China 2018 – Finalist


sports plot

– Weld Freely

By using blocks, perhaps you can freely create your world. From homes, colleges, eateries and theme parks etc. Also, perhaps you can play the piano, swing, eat a decent meal, and go to the bathroom effectively. Whichever you have, maybe you can represent well and maintain your right presence in the game.

– Interact with Objects

What if I told you that maybe you can interact with objects built on earth. As an example, that you can use the bathroom inside the bathroom perhaps very effectively. What's more, perhaps you can zoom in and glance at the calendar and clock on the wall while showing the immutable time and date. Another cool thing is that the calculator at work is error free, so maybe you can use it to do some math. Maybe you need to explore the game more, where you can look more moving actions.

- Musical instruments

There are musical instruments integrated into the game. For example, piano, xylophone, drum kits and Taiko drums etc. The full episode is that every little thing will create sound. You may need to sit in front of the musical instrument, then you can definitely play with it, file your melody, write your songs and smash it with other players and friends. Extra and more tuning instruments will be added to the game at an uncertain time in the future.

– Create the Character You Own

Within the character's physical appearance, perhaps you can change your character's clothes, hats, and facial expression. For men, do you decide to dress up properly like a cop in a dignified or a costume? Do you decide to wear an amazing costume for the ladies or a student uniform? Which maybe you can dress up as a ninja or wear an animal hat. Then earn a portrait or switch to multiplayer mode to activate other players!

– Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, perhaps you can step into the same world with other players. It's something you can easily explore, play with and interact with other players like giving plant life, delivering kisses, and fighting with a precision sword and laser gun. For the length of the multiplayer mode, communication via texts and descriptions is supported.

unlimited candy
It can be obtained after completing the novice training.

  •  Free in-app magic


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