How to complete the BitLife Mischief Managed Challenge?

You can get into a lot of trouble in BitLife, but you'll have to go out of your way to cause it. If you are willing to suffer the consequences, you can successfully avoid many troubles. In the Mischief Managed Challenge, you'll have to test your trouble-making skills. This guide covers how to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge on BitLife.

These are all the missions you need to complete to complete the Mischief Managed Challenge.

  • Insult your school principal or principal
  • 12+ patios pirated before age 10
  • Mess with 5+ classmates
  • misbehave 5+ times
  • leaving Juvie

The first task is to insult your school principal or principal. You can do this when you first start school. When you go to the Occupied School tab, you can find which character is your principal and choose to insult them. You cannot earn points with them, but you only have to do it once.

Next, you'll have to hack 10+ porches. You can find it in the Crime tab, events. From there, you'll have a chance to steal items in front of people's patios before the item is delivered to them. You will need to choose one of six options.

The third task is to deal with five classmates. Like insulting your principal, you have to select the schoolmate you want to deal with from the School tab and then interact with that character. Again, you can't score points with them and it's possible for you to get into a fight.

His fourth duty is to cause mischief five times. You can find this option in the Offenses tab, similar to a porch hack. You will have to do this five times, choosing from the available options to deal with random people.

The last mission is to escape from Juvie. You have to enter Juvie first. You can remain a porch hacker to do this, or something worse under the Offenses tab. Eventually the cops will get involved and arrest you. If you have escaped from prison, it is the activity where you have to pass the guard to escape.

After completing each of these missions, you will have completed the Mischief Managed Challenge. You can then choose from four random skin items to add to your BitLife account.

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