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Brawl Stars Belle

Brawl Stars Belle

belle, Season 6: A gift that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Level 30 in The Goldarm Gang or obtained from boxes after reaching Level 6 in the Season 30 Brawl Pass. Chromatic Character'Dr.

Low health and medium attacks damage and reloads quickly. Its attacks are long-range electric shocks that bounce between nearby enemies. His Super ability fires a follower at an enemy and deals low damage, but increases all damage dealt to that enemy until the enemy is defeated.

accessory,; Zula, drops an invisible trap that deals low damage and slows enemies for a short time when they trigger. Star Power,; Positive Return, grants him a very short shield each time he hits an enemy with his attack.

Main Attack: shocker ;

belle, Fires a long-range Electro-Bolt, dealing damage to any target hit. After a short delay, the lightning bolt will jump to any nearby target, dealing damage and jumping to the next until there are no valid targets in range. 
belle, Performs a long-range attack that will bounce off multiple enemies within 3 tiles of each other until two targets are too far apart or one is defeated. Enemies can only bounce one attack off each other at a time, regardless of whether they are hit multiple times from separate attacks. Lightning bolts have a second delay before bouncing off targets, while also dealing half the damage of the first shot. Belle has a 0,5 second attack cooldown.

Super: Lookout ;

belle, fires a spotting shot that marks any opponent it hits. The marked opponent takes extra damage from any source. Only one target can be marked at a time. 
belle, until the marked enemy is defeated or Beautiful Performs a ranged attack that deals damage as well as permanently increasing all damage taken by an enemy hit by Belle's Super until you can mark another enemy. Only one enemy from each Belle can have this status effect. Super's effect will not affect inactive targets such as Heist crates or Siege IKEs. This effect can stack on top of other damage amplifying effects, but acts as a reverse shield by applying multiple.

Brawl Stars Belle Star Power

Star Power #1: Positive Return ;

Belle gains a 25% shield when Electro-Bolts hit a target. 
Each time Belle hits an enemy with her main attack, she will receive a shield that reduces all damage taken by 25%. Lasts 3 seconds after activation. This does not apply to bounce shots.

Star Power #2: you are grounded ;

Prevents the opponent marked by Belle's super attack from reloading their weapon/attack.

Brawl Stars Belle Accessory

Accessory: Zula ;

Belle sets a trap on the ground that will explode when triggered by an enemy. The trap deals 500 damage and slows everyone within its blast radius for 3 seconds. 
Belle sets up a bear trap that can be seen when placed before she becomes invisible. Bear traps remain on the map until triggered by an enemy walking through them. Multiple bear traps can be placed on the map without one getting lost. When the victim and other enemies within a 3-tile radius are triggered, they take 500 damage instantly and are slowed for 3 seconds.

Brawl Stars Belle Costumes

Brawl Stars Belle
Brawl Stars Belle

Brawl Stars Belle Features

Level Health
1 2600
2 2730
3 2860
4 2990
5 3120
6 3250
7 3380
8 3510
9 – 10 3640





1,4 seconds (Fast)

Supercharge per hit


bullet speed


Attack width

Level Damage Leap Damage
1 1100 550
2 1155 577
3 1210 605
4 1265 632
5 1320 660
6 1375 687
7 1430 715
8 1485 742
9 – 10 1540 770

Brawl Stars Belle Tips

  • Since Belle's Super will greatly increase your entire party's damage against the boss, Boss War or a Big Game It can be incredibly powerful in mods like .
  • Always take advantage of grouped enemies, boxes or spawns. Belle to keep enemies close enough for her attack to ricochet more. Zula Accessory can also use.
  • Positive Return Star Powerthe nude duration does not stack, so it is better to hold shots to extend the shield. 25% shield, to Colette gives equivalent health, and holding shots to extend the shield gives you a better chance of survival, as there's no guaranteed way to ward off rushing enemies.
  • Super and self-reducing damage Positive Return Star Power It is one of the best snipers in 1v1 interactions with
  • Low health, getting close to enemies to Piper similarly means it's rarely a viable option. However, he needs to defend the Super against close range attacks. PiperContrary to, Belle's it has nothing to defend itself at close range due to its slow discharge speed.
  • Zula AccessoryIt's great for catching choke points on maps like Cavernous Flushing, Ice Fortress, Hot Maze, or Acid Lakes because it gives you a good ambush opportunity by forcing enemies to run over their traps.
  • Theoretically belle, Can win 1v1 against every Brawler in the game as long as he keeps his distance and only attacks from maximum range. Take quick hits (quick hits are a way of attacking fast when aiming) and cover shots when attacking from afar.
  • your belle Zula Accessory, Hot Zones It can be used to ambush and keep enemies out. In Hot Regions It can also be used for maximum effect.


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