Web-Based Legendary Games You Can't Get Over

There have been web-based games that introduced many of us to games and brought them into the game world. Even today, we can look back at these games that we play in internet cafes, even though they are simple. If you're ready, let's take a closer look at our list of web-based games with addictive games.

Nowadays, when the winter months come and the possibility of disease increases, the coronavirus epidemic has started to show its effect more severely. In this case, quarantine and bans have come back. So you can't find a game to play in these boring quarantine days? The one who captivated us to the computer for a while web based games still holds an important place in the gaming world.

Fire and Water, Ikariam, Legends of Honor, Travian and many more web-based games are still available and playable today. In this content, you may not have heard before, but once you sit down you can't get over We take a closer look at our list of web-based games.

Web-based games you can't get over:

  • Papa's Burgeria
  • jacksmith
  • pokemon showdown
  • DarkOrbit
  • DOOM
  • gartic.io
  • GeoGuessr
  • Punk-O-Matic 2
  • DragonFable 


Papa's Burgeria

Many under the Pope's banner cooking and restaurant business game Although there are no doubts, one of the best of these games is Papa's Burgeria. In this game where we run a burger restaurant, we try to handle everything by ourselves, from ordering to preparation.

It is very important how accurately we prepare the incoming orders. In this way, we can buy various decoration materials to earn more tips and attract more customers to our restaurant. As the game progresses day by day, the number of customers is increasing day by day and customers are starting to place more challenging orders. You can find all of the other popular games in the Papa's series here.


jacksmithis a game that combines both RPG and simulation elements. In Jacksmith, we portray a blacksmith who makes armors and weapons for warriors fighting various creatures. There are multiple ways to make weapons that vary in quality depending on the material used. Of course, you have to follow the instructions given to you while making these weapons, otherwise it will be impossible to pass the levels.

However, apart from the desired weapon type, it is entirely up to you from which metal the weapon will be made and which materials will be used. While using these materials, you will encounter enemies in that section. elemental properties You need to take good care of it, because every material has an origin element. Knowing which of these elements do more damage to existing enemies will help you beat the level and drop more supplies.

pokemon showdown

Many of us childhood Pokémon He spent his time with cartoons and maybe games. That being the case, anything Pokémon-related can still grab our attention. Pokémon Showdown is "catch them allrather than ""beat them allA game that focuses on ”.

Thanks to this game, you can do those unique Pokémon battles in Pokémon games without waiting for energy to fill up or level up. If a few Pokémon duel If you want to do it, Pokémon Showdown is the game for you.


DarkOrbitis one of the rare web-based games that has been actively played for many years in our country and has a very large community. In DarOrbit, which has a cyberpunk atmosphere, humanity has now dominated the galaxy and space pilots can easily navigate between galaxies.

In the game, which we started as a member of a Mars, Venus or Earth-based company, we try to gain more resources by fulfilling the missions and with these resources to create new ones. spaceships, laser cannons, shields and more. You can play DarkOrbit, which has quite a lot of players, online on the web, or you can download the game itself to your computer.


The ancestor of the FPS genre in the game world. DOOMIt has been turned into a web-based game by Kongregate, one of the first studios that comes to mind when it comes to web-based games. The classic DOOM, where players collect computers and play in Minecraft, can also be played comfortably on the web. If you want to experience nostalgia and return to the atmosphere of old arcades, you can take a look at DOOM.


Another io game of our web-based games list gartic.iois a pretty fun game based on guessing. In this game where you can randomly enter any lobby or play with your friends, each player has the right to draw once. The task of the other players is to guess what the drawing is.

Although Gartic.io is pretty simple in terms of gameplay where you can express your creativity and it is a very enjoyable game that you can spend long hours at the beginning. In addition, thanks to Gartic.io, you can have a fun time with your friends during the depressing quarantine days, even from afar.


Turn-based role-playing Many of us love games. One of the turn-based RPG games with the best story you can find among web-based games is DragonFable. In this game, where we create a character and dive into a fantastic world, we try to gain levels and new equipment by completing tasks.

In addition, these missions accompany us with a very satisfying long story. DragonFableOnce you enter the world of dragons, various creatures and immersive quests, it is really hard to leave this world.

Punk-O-Matic 2

The last role-playing game on our list of web-based games. Punk-O-Matic 2It turns out to be a rather unusual game. In this game, you take on the role of a musician trying to exist on the stage with your instrument, not a warrior trying to survive in the Middle Ages.

In this game where you manage a punk band, you can customize your band members as you want and most importantly you can compose your own songsz. There are many separate tabs and playing styles for guitar, bass guitar and drums in the game. Using these tools you can create unique compositions of any length and start your friend in his garage first. concerts you can give.


GeoGuesser, perhaps the most entertaining game in our list of web-based games, is an addictive game that you can spend long hours sitting on. GeoGuessr, an unprecedented game, teleports you to any part of the world thanks to Google Street View. Your task is to find out where you are.

GeoGusser, which provides a very enjoyable game experience despite having a very simple gameplay. Special sections for Turkey or there are sections belonging to famous places of the world. The only downside of GeoGuessr is that you can only play one game in 24 hours.


Web-based games We have come to the end of our list. There are countless web-based games where you can have fun on the internet. But naturally, it is impossible to collect all of these games under one list. You can also share your favorite web-based games with us in the comments section.