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In this writing Ash Brawl Stars Features New Character 2021 we will examineBrawl Stars Ash joined the game. ;””Ash gets angry easily for all the junk he has to clean up. Takes blows, takes blows, even more. Anger makes him faster and more dangerous, but eventually calms down.”

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Brawl Stars Ash

Ash Brawl Stars Features
Ash Brawl Stars Features

“Ash gets angry easily for all the junk he has to clean up. Takes blows, takes blows, even more. Anger makes him faster and more dangerous, but eventually calms down.”

Ash is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Level 8 in Season 30: Once Upon A Brawl or obtained from Brawl Boxes after reaching Level 8 in the Season 30 Brawl Pass. Ash has high health and variable damage output and movement speed, but has a short attack range. Ash's Rage bar fills when it deals or takes damage, granting increased speed and damage boosts as Ash's Rage bar fills. He slams his broom to the ground and attacks, sending out a piercing shockwave that deals more damage the more the Ash's Rage bar fills. His Super spawns five low-health robotic mice that seek out the nearest enemy and explode on contact, dealing more damage based on how much Ash's bar is charged. His gadget, Chill Pill, heals Ash with the amount that heals based on how much his Rage bar is filled. Star Power, Initial Strike doubles the amount of Fury charged if it attacks an enemy while their ammo bars are full.

Brawl Stars Ash Features

Ash Personality

ash, fills up when you deal or take damage, and Ash Has a Rage bar that slowly depletes when not attacking or taking damage. The rage bar grants Ash increased speed and damage based on how charged it is. If a bar of Rage is filled, his attack deals 50% more damage and his movement speed is increased to 770 points. If two Rage bars are filled, his attack deals 100% more damage and his movement speed is increased to 820. The rage bar does not provide any more buffs after it is fully charged. In total, it takes 12 seconds for the entire bar to degrade. Attacks charge 12%, Supers 18%, and damage taken 0.02% to 5000 damage.

Attack: Cleaning ;

Ash falls to the ground with his broom in anger. Get out of the way or you might bite the dust!
Ash He hits the ground with his broom and sends out a piercing shockwave. Although Ash reloads relatively quickly, his 0,7 second delay prevents him from detonating his attack.

Super:  Little Helpers

Robot rats for cleaning? That's right, they explode on contact, dealing damage to enemies and greatly increasing Ash's Rage.
ash, Knock down 2 low health and damage robot mice that chase the nearest enemy and deal damage within a 5 square radius of the enemy.

Ash Star Power

Star Power #1 : First Impact

Ash becomes even more enraged when he hits an enemy while his attack charge is full. His anger increases by 100%.
When Ash has all of his ammo, the next time he attacks an enemy, he charges his Rage bar twice as much as normal. This does not affect the Super's Rage recharge rate.

Ash accessory

Accessory #1 : Anger Medicine ;

While enraged, Ash must pull himself together. A full rage meter, this Gadget restores 2500 health when turned on – less Rage, less healing.
When enabled ash, If the rage bar is fully charged, it heals for a total of 2500 health. However, all of his Rage will be reset after using this accessory.

Ash Health Features

Ash Tips

  • Ash The most important thing you have to do while playing is to fill the Rage bar. Normally Ash Deals moderate damage and has a normal movement speed, but better potential can be gained by charging his Rage bar. Therefore, try to ambush enemies or take damage to fill the Rage bar. Since Ash's range is short, it's best to deal or take damage in confined areas due to the abundance of cover that allows Ash to attack or heal enemies with ease.
  • Ash's Super can somehow act like Tick's Super. Rats have low health, so they're best used against enemies with low health to force enemies to attack, preventing them from healing and wasting their ammo. It's also convenient to place mice in a way that surrounds an enemy, so that multiple mice are guaranteed to hit them and the Rage bar is heavily recharged. However, be aware of enemies with attacks that can hit multiple entities as they can easily eliminate rats.
  • You can use Ash's mice to block incoming, non-piercing projectiles like Bea's supercharged shot or the long-range Piper shot. The best way to do this is to place the mice in front of them at the right time so that the enemy's shot hits a mouse instead of Ash and the rest of the mice can hunt down the enemy.
  • Ash's 'Anger Medicine' accessory, to Ash can provide rapid and significant recovery. However, using this accessory will exhaust Ash's Rage. Therefore, it is best to use this Gadget with full Rage, low health and when a close range enemy is chasing you, so you can use your accessory to significantly heal and then attack the enemy and at the same time recharge your Rage and the enemy can escape.
  • Ash's attack delay Bull makes it vulnerable to high-speed damage enemies that can deal massive damage quickly. When facing these players, attack them with the end of Ash's range so they can't easily defeat all his bullets and him.
  • Ash needs his Fury to damage other heavyweights. Before facing heavyweights, try to fill his Rage. The easiest areas to get Rage on the map are choke points because enemies usually congregate in these areas and Ash can significantly charge his Rage by attacking all enemies.



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