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How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie ; Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities ; Valkyrie, Apex Legends He is the latest Legend to join his roster and can fly around the arena using his jetpack to launch missiles from heights.

Season 9 ve Apex Legends With the Legacy update for new Legend Valkyriecame with a high mobility kit and scouting skills that make him a great scout character. He can unleash a swarm of missiles, fly high above the ground with his jetpack, and act as an improvised jump tower to quickly redeploy the entire team.

Valkyrie, Apex Legends'It is the 17th Legend to be added to and the new permanent 3v3 Arenas mode and comes with the Bocek Bow gun. Valkyrie is also the daughter of Viper, one of Titanfall 2's boss characters, and her kit draws a lot of inspiration from her father's Northstar Titan.

Horizon and like Octane, Valkyrie is a highly mobile character, thanks to her passive jetpack ability, which allows her to rapidly ascend buildings without the need to climb or mantle. He can also use his Missile Swarm ability to lock down an area with stunning explosives and set himself up as a special jump tower to plunge into a fight or escape quickly. To complement the Northstar Titan's kit that combines flight capabilities and missile weapons from Titanfall 2, it also gets a few reconnaissance abilities to reveal enemy locations and more.

Passive Ability -VTOL Jets:

Valkyrie's Passive Ability, Apex Legendone of the best in s. By tapping the jump button while in the air, Valkyrie players can activate their VTOL Jets to soar into the sky. Players can use it for enhanced movement by overcoming obstacles and climbing buildings very quickly. The altitude that players gain by flying with the jetpack also allows them to explore large areas of the new Infested Olympus map, World's Edge and Arenas maps.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie
How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Importantly, Valkyrie Players cannot use any weapons or grenades while using the jetpack. All the Valkyrie can do while her jets are active is to use her Missile Swarm ability. With this, Valkyrie players can move around and look around normally to get a full 360-degree view from the air. Jetpack also provides sustained upward thrust, so Valkyrie players will continue to ascend unless they turn off the jets or hold down the aim button to activate level flight which will keep players at a constant height. The Jetpack gives players a huge increase in movement speed, who can be quite vulnerable to snipers wielding weapons like the new Bock Spring.

The jetpack unloads its own fuel, represented by a green bar on the right side of the screen that will discharge as fuel is used. When players activate the jetpack, some fuel will be consumed instantly, but normal flight will consume fuel at a fixed rate. There is enough fuel for approximately 7,5 seconds of continuous flight from full to empty. When the fuel starts running low, the bar will turn red and players will be able to hear the jets begin to erupt. Fuel begins to regenerate after eight seconds and takes about 10 seconds to fully regenerate.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie
How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie


of Valkyrie An excellent use for its jets is to break through falls to avoid the recovery animation that prevents Apex Legends players from fully moving and drawing their guns after falling from a great height. Just before they hit the ground, it's a quick double tap on the jump button that briefly activates the jets and slows them down enough to avoid the movement penalty. Since Valkyrie cannot use her weapons while flying, this means that breaking a fall using the Jetpack will prevent players from keeping their weapons drawn, unlike Horizon with the Spacewalk Passive Ability.

Players, of Valkyrie they can change how their jets are enabled to "hold" instead of the default "pass" option. Switching to “Hold” mode means players have to hold the jump button in the air to activate and use their jetpack. Releasing the hold button will disable the jetpack.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie
How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Mouse and keyboard players may want to try this, but controller gamers should stick with the default “toggle” option as it allows them to easily rotate their thumbs to the right stick for mid-air movement and aim control.

Tactical Ability -Missile Swarm:

Missile Swarm is a great skill for controlling enemy movement through zoning and stuns. The Swarm is a barrage of 12 missiles arranged in a three-by-four grid. Each missile has a small blast radius, and hits only deal 25 damage as well as slightly more damage than stuns, but the entire grid covers a large area. Missile hits also inflict an Arc Star-like stun on enemies, greatly slowing their movement for a short time.

Valkyrie players can hold down the Tactical Ability button to generate holographic targets that show exactly where the 12 missiles will hit, allowing for extremely good aiming. After the missiles are launched, all Apex Legends players will be able to see the missile targets, which means enemies can easily exit the blast area.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie
How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Players also noted that it takes a few seconds for missiles to launch and fly to their destination, and ValkyrieIt must compensate for landing in a wave form, with the missiles furthest from Earth being the last to land. Missiles also travel in a wide arc before hitting the ground almost vertically. During this arc, walls, ceilings, and cover can easily block missiles and cause them to miss their mark, therefore Valkyrie They need to be aware of their surroundings before their players accidentally stun themselves by hitting a wall they're standing next to.

Missile Swarm has good range and can easily hit enemies at medium to long range. However, the minimum aiming distance is 12 meters, so Valkyrie players should avoid wasting their swarms on close players and instead focus on wielding their weapons or escaping to a better location with the jetpack. The Missile Swarm can be used to great effect during a fight to start a fight by surprising and stunning an enemy team, or to control enemy movement by blocking certain areas.

As mentioned earlier, the Missile Swarm is the only thing Valkyrie can use when flying with a jetpack. Using the height advantage of your jetpack is one of the best ways to use Missile Swarm, as players can precisely target enemies below. Players can take this a step further by deploying a Swarm of Missiles while in the air and then cutting immediately so that the jetpack drops into cover. From there, players can stay in cover or rush to the ground with their teammates to take down confused enemies.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Players should also be aware that holding the tactical button while in flight slows the Valkyrie's movement speed, but significantly reduces fuel consumption and lock height. At the risk of being an easy target, Valkyrie players can use it to drastically increase their flight time to traverse large areas or gaps, especially if their Skyward Dive Ultimate Abilities are not charged.

Ultimate Ability – Skyward Dive:

Using jetpack jets at maximum power Valkyrie, He can establish himself as a personal, super-powered jump tower to allow himself and his teammates to skydive and travel an immense distance. Skyward Dive is equally useful for landing on the tall buildings of Olympus and laying claim to high ground or relocating to better territory, or leaving a dangerous position to escape and recover completely. It has a three-minute cooldown so it should be used sparingly to make sure teams are ready for a big fight.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Activating Skyward Dive, Valkyrie It will put its players in a situation where they can look around but not move. His teammates are in this state to connect with him and join the flight. Valkyrie You can also interact with the player. By the way, Valkyrie The player's screen is given a fighter jet-style green overlay and a green bar on the right begins to fill.

When the green bar is full, Valkyrie players can “burn” to launch them and their allied teammates vertically into the air at high speed. At the peak of the launch, Valkyrie will take the dive into new territory as the Jumpmaster, but his squadmates can still leave and move.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

Those who are looking for Valkyrie Once the player activates the Skyward Dive, it can remain in the pre-start state indefinitely and is also given the option to cancel the dive for a 25% final charge. When pinged before the launch, it also says “Let's fly!” he will say. in the feed for teammates to see. Players also need to be aware of what's on them if they want to use the Skyward Dive as they need vertical clearance to activate.

Skyward Dive also ValkyrieGrants a passive scout ability that highlights enemy players within range with an inverted green triangle icon. Enemies on the ground will be marked on the map, just like map scans from Crypto's Map Room in Kings Canyon. Players can even use the ability to explore an area to get close to enemies by surrounding an area and searching for highlighted enemies.

How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie
How to Play Apex Legends Valkyrie

This ability also applies to the first drop at the start of an Apex Legends match, and you'll have a ship on board. Valkyrie It allows the found teams to easily see how many teams are around and where they are going. ValkyrieAll players in 's roster can also see green icons and map markers. Valkyrie Also, Bloodhound is part of the Recon Legend Class, along with Crypto and Pathfinder, which means it can use Survey Beacons to locate the next ring.

Valkyrie, especially in Season 8 Fuse It's a fairly complex Legend compared to the .com and has a clear learning curve when it comes to understanding exactly how its abilities work and how to manage resources like jetpack fuel and Missile Swarm cooldowns. Overall, an excellent scouting Legend and can easily explore all areas for enemy teams to rush or avoid during the match.

Its high mobility makes it great for aggressive playstyles using close-range weapons. However, the height advantages he can get with his jetpack and Skyward Dive mean he can also work well with more defensive Legends like Rampart, and can use long-range weapons like the Sentinel with the Deadeye's Tempo Hop-Up.




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