Apex Legends Horizon Character Guide

Apex Legends Horizon Character Guide , Apex Legends Horizon abilities  ;horizon, Apex LegendsMight be one of the funniest characters to play in . Request Apex Legends Horizon with everything you need to know.

horizon, in Season 7 last year to Apex added. Legend is absolutely unique, with abilities that support a fast-paced style of play. Many in the community assumed a nerf was imminent because of how many players won matches with the character.

horizon, Even though he is one of the best legends in the game, players will need to use his skills properly to achieve success. horizon, He's the best move character in the game, so quite a lot of top players use him. This article, of Horizon It will cover all of their abilities and how to use them in-game.

Apex Legends Horizon Character Guide

Passive Ability: Spacewalk

Apex Legends Horizon  'a Space Walk, in Apex best passive skill it could be. The ability allows the horizon to avoid the fall fatigue that other characters have to deal with. Fall fatigue refers to the movement penalty that occurs when players jump from high places.

Every other character is blocked from moving for one second after a long fall before activating the sprint. of Horizon no penalty and can walk away from any fall.

The best way for players to use the skill is to abuse the terrain movement bonus. Players can jump from high areas onto a sloping surface and slide forever. Players can traverse the map faster than other characters by combining multiple jumps and swipes. passive ability, Apex Legends Horizon  It also improves 's tactical and ultimate abilities.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift

gravity lift, pushes Horizon into the air. Once at the top of the elevator, Horizon players can control their exit direction. The legend's tactical ability has many different uses. Players can use it to get a different perspective on opposing teams.

Gravity Lift is also useful in situations where enemy players have a height advantage. The most effective method is while recovering your lift is to use.

Apex Legends Horizon , the shield can start the lift and fly up while using the battery. While descending, players can walk away using his passive ability. High-level players always use the technique to get a quick recovery before re-entering a gunfight. Players should get into the habit of always using the ability after taking damage.

Horizon's tactical ability can be used by players in a variety of ways and has an extremely fast cooldown. Apex players can expand the ability by using a golden helmet or by entering the elevator just before it disappears.

Horizon's uninstall will remain active for 12 seconds and 12 saniye Using it before it expires will keep it active for two more seconds. Another effective use of the elevator is in doors and corridors. Players can throw the elevator into a door to prevent enemy players from getting in and blocking their view.

The final way players should use this ability is to conduct surveys and gather information. Identifying enemy players will help Horizon mains measure when and where they need to use their ultimate ability, the Black Hole.

Ultimate: Black Hole2

Apex Legends Horizon  's ultimate ability creates a miniature black hole that draws players towards it. In reality, black holes are more like a hurricane than a black hole, as they consume all matter. Astrophysics aside, the ultimate ability can be extremely useful against opposing teams within the ability's range. The Black Hole will capture rival legends by drawing them into the orb. The area of ​​influence created by the Black Hole is not that large, so players will need to be accurate in their shots.

A common way for Apex players to use this ability is to first activate the elevator, then use it to determine where enemy players are. This tactic will give players a bird's eye view of enemy teams. Players can then analyze enemy movement and predict where to turn. Since the area of ​​effect is small, players can throw arc stars around it to make sure they do some damage to the enemy team. Legends can also use grenades, but arc stars explode much faster.

If opposing players are holding a door, the Black Hole can be used to knock the player out of the building, away from the door. Camp players will be drawn towards the middle of the hole and players will know their exact location. A similar use for the ultimate is when there are players who need to return to the area. Blocking spinning players with holes will cause panic and rival legends will be easy targets. Few players know that the Black Hole can also be used as a shield. Horizon's Black Hole absorbs 220 damage before being destroyed. When caught in a petty situation, the Horizon mains can use the ultimate as both cover and shield.