Patch Fixes Among Us -Bugs on Mobile Devices

Patch Fixes Among Us -Bugs on Mobile Devices ;Developer InnerSloth has released a list of patch notes aimed at fixing bugs in mobile versions of the social interruption game Among Us.

While Among Us still sees loads of players trying to kill each other in the social interruption game every day, developer InnerSloth recently ran into some issues with the game's performance. About a week ago, InnerSloth fixed a server issue with Among Us throwing players out of lobbies after overloading them. Now the developer has released a short list of patch notes aimed at fixing bugs on mobile platforms.

Patch Fixes Among Us -Bugs on Mobile Devices

Innersloth's latest update Among Us is focused on mobile versions of the game targeting iOS and Android platforms. Innersloth fixed issues with joining lobbies for iOS fixes, freezing Among Us on a black screen, and an "age fix". For Android, the developer patched a specific bug that was causing low light issues in the game when lights on a map were not actively sabotaged.

Innersloth also states that he is aware that various missions in the game are not working properly and is continuing to look for a fix. Missions are an important part of the game, so InnerSloth may be prioritizing it. The developer also reminds players to update their games to the latest version, 2021.3.5, to avoid unnecessary problems that appeared in the last update.

These patches Among Us it will help to backup some mobile players and get them up and running. While players await the next major update, which may include a new free map, new missions and other changes, the new feature provides a convenient menu to place accusations or chat with others in-game. Among Us quick chat can enjoy the feature.


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