How to Open an Account Among Us?

How to Open an Account Among Us? ; Creating Account Among Us , creating an account among us ; Among Us To play, players currently need to create a real account for both security and accountability purposes – here's how to do it.

Many with the latest update adding a new map, missions and general gameplay changes. Among Us going back to . However, some returning players may be confused when they reopen the game to see that they need an account to play with a name of their choice.

How to Open an Account Among Us?

It's understandable to dislike having to open more accounts for games, especially when the game doesn't require an account to start with. Fluke Among Us account creation process for players 30 can be completed in under a second and allows players to quickly join friends for more teammates and cheats.

This new system was probably created as a way to counter the notorious hacking incidents in the game's past after it gained popularity. It will also help keep the game a safer place for many young players entering public and private games.

How to Create an Account Among Us?

To open an account,

  • in the upper left corner of the main menu screen of the players. "Account" will need to select the button.
  • This button will direct players to their account information and also allow them to create an account. If players don't have an account, "" appears in the lower left corner.Oturum AçThey can create an account with the ” button.
  • "Oturum AçAfter pressing the ” button, players will be asked if they want to create an account. If you accept, players will automatically create an account for themselves without the need for an email or additional password. This account will be linked to the current platform players are using and cannot be used on other devices.
  • A user name When creating, certain words that are considered inappropriate cannot be used. Also, usernames are not unique, which means Among Us It means that multiple players can have the same name in . This name can also be changed at any time in the account menu when players are outside of game rooms and lobbies.

In the future Among Us It is unknown whether anything else will be done with the accounts or whether they will remain in their current state for the rest of the game's life. However, for those who want the level of customization that comes with choosing their own name in-game, having one is essential.

Among Us With the community in full swing, it's time to play with your friends and discover all the new content. There's a lot to enjoy and experience, with probably more to come in the future of the game.