Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version – 2020.11.17 b128

Among Us  It is a game played with real players between 4 and 10 people. There is a crook among the players and he is trying to sabotage the others. With this concept, you should try to find the spy and stop it before it interferes with things. You can also try the free play mode. Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version – 2020.11.17 b128 With the unlocked cheat You can download.

Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version – 2020.11.17 b128

Overview information

Application Name : Among Us
Publisher: Innersloth LLC
Type : Arcade
Dimension : 70M
Latest Version : 2020.11.17 b128
MOD Information: Many Features
Download : Google Play
Update : January 14, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

About Among Us


A Confidence Challenge

The second problem you'll have at night right here is the crew members. Although these are the people you trust the most, there are those who betray you. A character named The Impostor will be on a mission to destroy everything silently. He's the reason your ship never returns. Or maybe it will slow down the ship's repair. This is what makes the game much more difficult.

Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version - 2020.11.17 b128
Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version – 2020.11.17 b128

The way players complete this game

There is an enormous struggle of faith between us. A crew will have many people and all these people will have to do common missions. This means that the game will give you tasks so that you can repair the ship. You and your teammates will need to share these missions to complete them as soon as possible. If these missions are completed, then of course this game will end with your victory.

But the truth is not that easy. The impostor always tries to sabotage what you and your teammates are doing. It will be one of you, living and working in a confusing way, never to be discovered. The task of this character is to find a way to destroy everything. He could even use the void to kill people. One thing is clear, if he kills the whole team, the victory belongs to this villain. You and your teammates must find a way to find the criminal and destroy him. 

Cheat Among Us
Cheat Among Us

There are two ways the player can win this game by completing all the missions. This would still be possible if the crew worked together and did not create an opening for the enemy to sabotage. The other way is to use your argument and destroy the destructor. Arguments can happen frequently. Those with more destructive votes will certainly be taken care of. However, be careful with this because if you get it wrong, the enemy's chance of winning increases. Stress comes from many different sources that force you to make wise decisions. However, players pushed into this situation often choose the wrong paths.

Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version - 2020.11.17 b128
Among Us Cheat Apk Download 2021 Latest Version – 2020.11.17 b128

Multiplayer mode for a good experience

This is a game where you can invite many people to the same room. You can play 5 game with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 1 people. With the online battle mode, players will encounter many characters from many different regions. They are people from all over the world. These characters will have their own ideas. If you come across a spoiler with a high IQ, maybe this game is hard to win. However, this game also has a wi-fi connection mode to play internal matches. This means that players sharing the same Wi-Fi set can create a private room to play. When you understand each other's personalities with these people, everything will be even more fun. Of course, in these matches, there are some people who are always considered dangerous on their side to be eliminated first. Whether they are truly spoiled or not, these people are executed first.

fun graphics 

Really this is a game designed to focus on finding spoilers. He wanted to give the player a more engaging puzzle game feel than an RPG. The 2D graphics make this game radiate a normal atmosphere, not too much pressure. So you can play comfortably with your family.

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  • Version: 2020.11.17
  • Size: 63 MB
  • Required Android Version: 4.4 and after