Maps Among Us: Vent locations, Emergencies, Visual missions

Maps Among Us : Ventilation locations, Emergencies, Visual missions ; Your guide to navigating the Pier, Polus Map, Mira HQ Map and The Airship…

Among Us Looking for tips on how to play each map? Among Us As you gain in-depth knowledge of each of the maps, your chances of winning will increase rapidly. Among Us The first thing a new player needs to learn is the name and location of each room on the map – you need to know if you're trying to figure out which of your friends has left a trail of corpses behind them. What does it mean when they claim to be doing electrical work while a body was found in Medbay?

A dishonest As a result, it goes without saying that you need to know where all emergencies are, so you can direct your unaware victims accordingly. Not only that, but knowing which vents go where is crucial in finding potential escape routes for suspects, as well as planning a solid alibi if you're a fraudster.

Even for experienced Seekers who already know these basics (that's not their name), it's also important to know what parts of the map security cameras can see and where the second phases of common tasks like wiring may end. airship including currently 4 Among Us map there.


scaffolding, original Among Us map, so Among Us It is a great place for beginners. It's a large map, marked in red on the map, with lots of corridors and ample ventilation opportunities. Throughout the map there are security cameras visible from the security room; Yellow boxes on the map show the field of view of these cameras. at The Skeld the emergency button is in the middle of the cafeteria where you spawn at the beginning of the game.
When enabled, The visual quests are the second phase of the Empty Trash / Empty Channel ending in Storage, Send Scan in MedBay, Clear Asteroids in Weapons, and Prime Shields in Shields. If someone has already unlocked the shields, there will be no visual indication for subsequent users, so this can only clear one player.

visual tasks even turned off, players can clear each other in MedBay because only one crew can scan at a time; so that if two players have a mission, they can confirm whether another real scan is in progress. The skeldThe sabotages found in Reactor, Communications, Lights, Gates and Oxygen. The console in the manager's room shows how many players are in each room - it doesn't show players in corridors and corpses are also visible.

Among Us Maps

Polus Map

police, a large map with several vent locations (seen in red above) and two decontamination chambers to slow the crew down. Cameras marked with yellow boxes take up most of the map, but there is a vent right next to the Security room, so sitting on top of the cameras isn't particularly safe. in Polus The emergency button is located in the office.

Poles Visual tasks on Clear Asteroids in Weapons and Send Scan on MedBay – as mentioned above, you can verify someone using the MedBay scanner even with visual tasks turned off. in Polus The sabotages found are Seismic Instability (functionally identical to Reactor, although the interfaces are in the upper left and right sides of the map instead of a dedicated room) Communication, Lights, and Doors. Doors in Polus works a little differently; tamper cooldowns are independent of other tamper timers; however, locked doors can be opened by players by pressing disabled buttons.

of Polus there is also a vital signs machine in the office to his right; this shows the status of each player in the game – green if they are alive, gray if they have died in previous rounds, and red if the player has been killed since the last meeting. There is also an insidious way to find the fraudster through fake joint missions; each crewmate will have a different key slot, so if two players claim to be using the same slot, one of them must be faking it.

Among Us Maps
Among Us Maps

Mira HQ Map

Look, As you can see in the diagram above, it's a smaller map with an amazing ventilation system all connected to each other. Did someone catch you airing? No need to chase them – go back and cut them before they get to the cafeteria where the emergency button is. Mira There are no security cameras in its headquarters – instead it has a doorknob that is very difficult to use.

Mira at HQ Among Us Here's how to use the door logs. Mira At its headquarters, there are three sensors at the skywalk's three entrances and exits: green/southwest, red/southeast, and blue/north. Whenever a player passes by one of these sensors, an entry will appear in the log. However, each player can only trigger a single sensor every five seconds, so if one passes through and immediately goes to the other side, it won't show another entry. Regardless, it's still a useful tool for collecting cross-referenced information with players' claims to find the fraudster.

Look at hqThere is only one visual task which is Scan Submission on MedBay. There are Empty Trash, Clear Asteroids, and Prime Shields missions, but these Look at hqThere is no visual component in . Look at hq sabotages are Oxygen, Reactor, Communications, Lights and Doors. Unlike other maps Look at hqCommunication in . requires players to enter PINs at two separate locations on the map to get the map working again. It's also important to note that the windows in the lab are actually one-way glass. If you are inside, you cannot see outside; but if you are outside, you can see inside. Look at hqA more detailed map of Reddit user u/Vici_Finis has been made.

Among Us Maps
Among Us Maps


Among Us new map airship The biggest map ever with several new room types and quests. There are also several new movement mechanics; There are stairs between certain rooms and a floating platform on which you must stand in order to cross the aptly named "space room".

At the start of each round, you're given a choice of three spawn locations to make your journey a little easier – if you can remember where your missions are. The map is so big that it's hard to be caught as a fraud, because the ventilation mesh allows you to escape where no one will see you. It does, however, have a useful network of cameras, vitals, and executive tools to monitor the situation for fellow crew members.

Take advantage of the local knowledge by visiting our airship There is no visual function. airship The sabotages are: Communication, Lights, Doors, and Crash Course, which requires two people to enter the same code on two separate interfaces on either side of the space room.

Now all Among Us you must be able to master your way through maps – the next step in your education Among Us to our crew guide and Among Us Check out our rogue guide so you're ready for victory – and we have it too. for a fair game Among Us A guide to the best settings. Happy stabbing and/or stealing.