How to Do the Crate Quest in Among Us Airship Map?

How to Do the Crate Quest in Among Us Airship Map? ; Case Mission Among Us , Case Mission Among Us Airship ; Among Us has a new mission that requires players to unlock the Crate in the Airship, and this post details how to complete it.

airship, Among Us It features a new map and several new missions for players to complete. While most of these missions are pretty straightforward, there is one that can cause some trouble, especially to fans. Especially, Unlocking the safe in the Cargo Compartmentfocused task and confused about how exactly it is done Among Us Players will find all the answers they need in this article.

Among Us Airship Case Quest

-To reach it directly, Among Us After interacting with the case, fans need to direct their attention to the white stripe placed directly above the dial.

- Initially, this strip will display a single number and an arrow, which are indications of the first number of the safe combination and the direction in which players must turn the dial to reach it.

-To give an example, if there is a “3” with a right-pointing arrow, players will turn the dial until the “3” is aligned with the top red mark. clockwise should translate.

Among Us Airship Case Quest
Among Us Airship Case Quest

-If this is done correctly, a second number and arrow will appear on the ribbon and fans of the social deduction game must repeat the above-mentioned process. For full clarity, if a player sees a “6” with an arrow pointing left in this position, then they should turn the dial counterclockwise until the “6” is up.

-In particular, players should make absolutely sure that they do not let go of the dial when entering the first and second numbers, and those who ignore this warning will have to start over.

-At this point, the fans will receive a third and final number and arrow, and they must navigate to it correctly to complete the combination. Again, players should be very careful not to leave the dial between the second and third entries, and they will know they've succeeded if the right-hand handle lights up. When that happens, fans just have to rotate the lever and do this task. Airship mapshould finish.

I hope any frustration surrounding this quest is cleared and players can easily open the safe whenever they need to. This of course assumes a fan can play the game as there are some server issues with the latest patch launching. These issues seem to be mostly resolved now though, and developer InnerSloth is currently Among Us Airship It monitors all known bugs in the update.


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