Among Us : How to Call an Emergency Meeting? | How to Take Action

Among Us : How to Call an Emergency Meeting? | How to Take Action , Among Us: How To Call An Emergency Meeting ; Having an Emergency Meeting Among Us can be stressful. Here's how to do it (and move in).

Among Us can be a bit overwhelming at times. The social deduction game revolves around about 10 players working together on a map to find the crooks, a few of whom are crooks trying to kill all innocent individuals. A large part of the tour involves gathering information as you complete missions.

Players can share information with each other in meetings that are normally called when someone finds a corpse. However, some information cannot wait too long. So for bringing everyone together before anyone dies and the tour ends Among Us emergency meetings has. However emergency meetings How exactly does it work?

Among Us : How to Call an Emergency Meeting? | How to Take Action

1-How Should the Imposter Behave in Emergency Situations?

when you're innocent emergency meetingsIt's easier to join. imposter It's more stressful when you are. A emergency meeting when called, for a player to do something imposter There's a good chance he's about to call. Be prepared to deny, deflect, or find a story that ends with a vote of the accuser.

If an accuser is chasing a fraud, it may be best to remain silent unless there is a good defense to be made. imposter , are chasing after an innocent teammate, take the opportunity to get rid of them.

2-How Should Crew Members Behave in Emergency Situations?

emergency meetingMeetings have a slightly different energy than regular meetings. Often times, regular meetings revolve around simply discovering where a body was found and then figuring out where everyone was on that tour. emergency meetingsUsually, a player calls them because he wants to tell them about another player.

The best thing an innocent teammate can do is listen to what the player has to say. Unless they're lying about something that can be easily proven, it's best to sit back and let them figure it out with someone else. However, if a player is accused of something they didn't do, try to provide reasonable proof that this is not the case.

3-How to Start an Emergency Meeting?

Before a round begins, the person responsible for the organization of each round will give the players a certain number of emergency meeting They have the ability to call. The default tends to be once or twice, but this can be adjusted as the lobby likes to play. While in-game, normal and emergency meetings done in the same place.

Therefore, an urgent meeting When looking for the button to start, players should go to the appropriate place:

  • Skeld-Meetings are held in the Cafeteria, which is the upper-middle part of the map. At the middle table, players can select the button in the middle of said table.
  • MIRA HQ– Meetings are held in the Cafeteria, which is the lower right part of the map. Players can find the button on the lower left table, which is easily accessible from the bottom.
  • Poles– Meetings are held directly in the Office, which is the center of the map. The button is located on the conference table.
  • Airship MeetingsIt is held in the Meeting Room, located in the northernmost room. The emergency button is in the second part of the room where the meeting table is located.



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