Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

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In this writing Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine amber , One of the most common characters in the games because of his cold-bloodedness and defeating his opponent in a short time, adding an effective power to the warrior role,Amber We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Also The Turkish Amber Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Amber character

Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Amber has always been a firefly. He loves to illuminate the world and the opponents who come to it!

3000 soulful Amberattacking by firing a continuous stream of fire that can pierce through enemies. Legendary Character . He has a long range with reliably high damage output. Amber holds a bottle of fire fluid for her Super, which can ignite and cause nearby enemies to set on fire.

accessory Fire Starter, Increases movement speed and leaves behind a trail of fire fluid for 3 seconds.

First Star Power Wild Flameallows him to have two fire puddles at once and passively charges the Super when standing on it.

Second Star Power Burning Siphon , allowing it to reload faster when near a puddle of fire.

Attack: Dragon's Breath ;

Amber gives off a constant burst of flame.

Each flame is fired in a tenth of a second, and each flame can pierce enemies. A single large ammo stick can hold 40 flames. The attack will be hit automatically when targeted and will run out of ammo when Amber attacks. It automatically reloads when it doesn't attack and the bar fills up.

Super: Let's catch! ;

Amber throws a bottle of fire liquid and then bursts into flames. Shrubs and rival enemies blush! (One bottle at a time!)

Amber tosses a bottle of fire fluid over the walls and drips a black trail of fire fluid down as she travels. When it hits the ground, it creates a puddle of fire fluid with a radius of 2.67 tiles. The puddle remains indefinitely until fired or another Super is used, and does not affect enemies in any way. If Amber's flames come into contact with the liquid, the liquid ignites and burns enemies in the puddle, taking damage over time. The bushes will also burn if they are in a puddle after it ignites.

Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Amber Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Amber Properties

Bell: 4620
Damage: 3360
Super Damage: 2800
Attack speed: 1000 1000
Speed: normal level
Level 1 damage: 2400 2400
Level 9 and 10 damage: 3360

Health ;

Level Health
1 3000
2 3150
3 3300
4 3450
5 3600
6 3750
7 3900
8 4050
9 – 10 4200


Attack Super
Level Damage per flame damage per second Level damage per second Damage
1 200 2000 1 450 1800
2 210 2100 2 472 1890
3 220 2200 3 495 1980
4 230 2300 4 517 2070
5 240 2400 5 540 2160
6 250 2500 6 562 2250
7 260 2600 7 585 2340
8 270 2700 8 607 2430
9 – 10 280 2800 9 – 10 630 2520

Amber Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Wild Flame ;

Amber can have two puddles of fuel on the ground at the same time and will automatically recharge her Super whenever she stands next to one.

Amber will have two puddles of fire fluid from her Super, and the first puddle will only be removed if the 3rd Super is used. Also, when standing in a puddle of liquid from the Super or its accessory, it will passively charge the Super 5% per second.

warrior's 2. star power : Burning Siphon ;

When Amber is near a puddle of fire fluid, she uses it to recharge with fire blasts that breathe 50% faster.

Amber turns red when near a puddle of fire fluid and reloads 50% faster. This only works near a puddle created by his accessory or his Super. Star Power must be within 0,67 square feet of the outside of the pond to trigger.

Amber Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Fire Starter ;

Amber sprints for 3.0 seconds as she pours the fire fluid and can then ignite.

Amber gains a 3% movement speed increase for 14 seconds while leaving a trail of fire fluid behind her. Liquid behaves the same as Super, which can ignite and will remain until ignited.

Brawl Stars Amber Extraction Tactic

If you want to add Amber Brawl Stars to your character list as soon as possible, you need to enter fast matches and start collecting trophies as soon as possible.

Thanks to the gold and trophies you will get from the boxes in the game, you can buy Amber and make your opponents tremble with fear with “Dragon Breath”.

If you don't want to buy Amber by playing the game and collecting trophies or gold, you can easily get it with the in-game purchase method.

Our recommendation would be to purchase Amber through boxes that you will open during the game. As a matter of fact, in this way, you will both gain experience and keep your money in your pocket.

Amber Tips

  1. Amber is an excellent trench hunter, both burning 18+ tile bushes from the main puddle and dealing burn damage, limiting an enemy's ability to heal and retreat.
  2. Accessory : Fire Starter incoming paths should be used as a firewall protecting snipers when they retreat. But the fires do not ignite at the same time. Keep the tracks closed to ensure that the enemy is damaged in passing.
  3. *While playing Amber, it's best to aim his attack instead of auto aiming. By doing this he can do more damage and have more control over the fire blaster.
  4. Amber's Signature ability can be used to block choke points, making it harder for enemies to move around the map. If an enemy tries to pass through the fire fluid, they can fire the fire fluid from afar, dealing significant damage over time and rendering the affected enemy vulnerable and weak.
  5. Amber's Super and its accessory can be connected to create a larger oil puddle and Wild Flame Star Power Combined with, it can control large areas of the map.
  6. Players should be mindful of how they position Amber's Super. Diamond CatchIf thrown into an unfavorable position, such as during lane in , it may be inadvisable to attack a Super at an unfavorable time for fear of burning a puddle. Better to use it to control a separate area from where Amber does most of her fights.
  7. To shoot more, try and anticipate the enemy's movement as there is a small delay between aiming and firing. By aiming where the enemy is likely moving, you will most likely be able to inflict maximum damage. If you aim at where the enemy is now, once the attacks reach your target location, the enemy will probably not take any damage as they have moved away from that location.
  8. Amber's Wild Flame Star Power ve Fire Starter accessory is extremely useful to help Amber quickly regain her Super. With her accessory, she can create a large area where she's Supercharged and can never be destroyed by enemies. This will help Amber quickly regain her Super, even while other enemies are fighting.


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