Alight Motion v4.4.5.5513 MOD APK Download

Alight Motion v4.4.5.5513 MOD Mod Apk Download uses the latest system-wide artificial intelligence technologies so that users can create the most vivid and moving photos or videos. The real capability of the app is to provide users with all the possibilities and tools needed to create motion for every video. This is completely different from traditional video design and also requires a lot of basic knowledge and great app control to create the most memorable video.


Alight Motion will provide users with a wide variety of tools needed for graphic design, especially motion design for anything in a variety of extraordinary styles. The process is complex, but the magnificence of the app promises users all the potential or possibilities to bring each video to life. It also comes with a custom made gesture creation tool that allows users to change directions or freely design gestures via the touchscreen.

Also, users can move the environment or the surrounding atmosphere with many built-in features and they all have various customizations. Moving things is seen as the main ability of the application; it even has many special uses for applying it on top of the main content in every video. Of course, the included resources or templates will have many things for users to use effectively for their work.

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The application provides the necessary functionality to animate each video and offers a set of specialized video editing tools for all types of video formats. Thanks to this, users can easily enhance or remove many things that are not necessary in the video, including special effects and more. Moreover, each tool has extensive customization that takes the user's working ability to new heights.

Almost every tool in the app is AI-powered, which is perfect for increasing productivity, including increasing accuracy on many parts. Best of all, many things will require a precision tool and the app can offer many more variations for users to be more creative. While some features are still limited, it has a lot to offer by expanding anyone's potential or ability to work.


Alight Motion will give users many special effects or filters to make their videos more gorgeous and attractive and even everything is free to use directly. Each content has its own style and if the user wants to go further in video design, the app will automatically suggest the perfect choice. Each one is also freely editable and comes with many impressive features to enhance the video quality.

Alight Motion will offer more systems and essential resources to design a life for all. This also comes with live transition effects for users to create masterpieces from many funny or new ideas, including modifying the original work. Moreover, the fact that everything can be changed freely is an excellent development for users to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Alight Motion is a versatile and superior application that helps users create high quality videos including animations or many other effects. It also has a lot of surprises for users as it progresses and runs for a long time, making it an excellent opportunity to get the most out of everything.

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  • Image, video and audio layers on top of each other.
  • Ability to work with vector and bitmap images (you can even modify vector drawings directly on your phone!). More than 160 basic visual effects building pieces can be used to create complex visual effects.
  • Keyframe animation is accessible in all options. Connect the upper and lower layers and edit the character joint positions.
  • Pan and zoom cameras that can also handle haze and fog. Grouping and masking are two important tools in digital photography.
  • Increased animation smoothing results in smoother animation movements. Switch between predefined timing curves and creating your own custom timing curves.
  • Markers that make it easy to modify the document. Motion blur depending on the speed of the subject
  • Create MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences and still images for export.
  • Let people see your project packages. Fill effects using solid colors and gradients. Border, shadow and stroke effects are all available
  • Ability to use custom fonts.
  • Reuse all layers or just styles by copying and pasting between them
  • Make a list of your favorite pieces so you can easily reuse them in other projects.

Download Hundreds of Mods APK