What should money be spent on in Angry Birds Journey?

It turns out that early in Angry Birds Journey, coins can be earned by the masses just by finishing a few levels. Better still, completing certain objectives and chapters of the game will even gift you chests filled with coins at no cost. However, Journey never explains what exactly this currency can be spent on or where you can use it. Fortunately, there are a few key items that these tokens can acquire for you later in the game.

Although there is no store, the first items you can buy are additional birds for the level you are currently playing. You can only do this after using the set provided to you. When finished, the game will offer you a certain amount of birds for 950 coins. However, there will be times when Journey will give you the option to watch an entire ad in exchange for free birds.

When you complete level 1 of Chapter 39, the tokens get more power-up effects. also available for purchase . You can purchase another set of three for an additional 1500 coins, as you will only be awarded three of each power-up effect when they are first unlocked. This can be done by clicking the “+” symbol above which effect has been depleted. However, it might be wiser to save your coins in this case, because opening Star Chests gives you more than just any effect.

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