Last Epoch: How to Obtain Legendary Items

Last Epoch is an action RPG that is rapidly gaining popularity with its immersive world and satisfying gameplay elements. One of the most powerful tiers of gear are Legendary items, which offer enhanced stats and unique effects. So how can you find these rare and powerful items in Last Epoch?

Prerequisites: Legendary Potential and Supreme Items

To create a legendary item, you need two basic components:

  • Unique Item with Legendary Potential: Unique Items are randomly generated items with special properties, the rarity of which is indicated in orange. Each of these unique items has “Legendary Potential”. This potential shows how many bonus attributes you can gain when transformed into a Legendary item (maximum 4).
  • Exalted Item: Exalted items are high-level items whose rarity is indicated by the color purple. The Supreme item to be used to create a legendary item must have exactly 4 unsealed properties.

Legendary Generation: Eternity Cache

After collecting the necessary components, head to the Infinity Cache inside the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. Using this particular device, follow these steps:

  1. Place your unique item with Legendary Potential in the cache.
  2. Add four of your raw Exalted items. The type of item (armor type, weapon, etc.) must be the same as your unique item.
  3. Click on the “Create” button

This process will result in a powerful Legendary item, with new bonus stats carried over from the Supreme item. Legendary Potential determines how many traits are transferred.

Important Tips

  • Temple of Time: The Temple of Time is an endgame dungeon that you can access after completing Last Epoch's story mode.
  • Higher Levels, Better Rewards: Unique items found on higher-level Temple of Time floors tend to have higher Legendary Potential. Higher level Exalted items will also have better stats. This combination will lead to more powerful Legendary items.
  • Farm and Storage: It is beneficial to collect and store as many unique and Exalted items as possible. This gives you more options to create your dream Legendary item in the future.


Legendary items increase the power and variety of your character build in Last Epoch. With patience and a little luck, you can uncover some truly impressive gear sets that will increase the excitement and challenge of the game.