Elden Ring: Larval Tear Locations

Elden Ring: Larval Tear Locations ; Players who want to pay homage to their characters in the Elden Ring can find details on more than 10 Larval Tear locations here.

Larval Tear are very useful key items in Elden Ring as it allows players to reallocate their character's stats. While Larval Tear is far from the most common items in the game, there are more than a dozen items fans can acquire. This guide will provide details on exactly where to find this Larval Tear, making it possible for players to perform numerous character traits in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Larval Tear Locations


Hand Ring: Larval Tear
Hand Ring: Larval Tear
  • Head east from Lake Agheel South Grace District. There is an undead enemy with a sword standing on the abyss and will transform into a bear when sent. Killing the bear grants a Larval Tear in the Elden Ring.

Liurnia (South)

  • Starting at Folly in the Grace Lake District in southwest Limgrave, head southwest to reach Albinaurik Village of the Elden Ring. There is a cemetery in this village where Larval Tear can be found.
  • Head north from Folly at Lake Site of Grace and kill the lobster enemy. This action will cause it to transform into a Sprout, and sending it will result in another Larval Tear Data.

Liurnia (North)

Hand Ring: Larval Tear
Hand Ring: Larval Tear
  • After eliminating the Royal Knight Loretta at Elden Ring's Caria Mansion, cross the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace and enter the cemetery. Larval Tear Interact with the ghost in the chair to win.
  • From the Three Witches location above Caria Mansion, look for a scarab along the east cliff to the northwest. From this location, descend to the top of one of the Mansion's buildings and use the wooden platforms on the west side to descend further. Climb the ladder that goes down a hole in the roof and Larval Tear Talk to the NPC inside the structure twice to gain the ability to buy.


  • Kill enemies in this cemetery in Southwest Caelid. When someone is killed Larval Tear It will turn into a giving giant.

Altus Plateau

Hand Ring: Larval Tear
Hand Ring: Larval Tear
  • Check the ruins east of Altus Plateau Minor Erdtree for an undead enemy lurking around the corner. This enemy Larval Tear It will transform into a Lion Guard that drops it.

Siofra River

  • After reaching the Siofra River from the well east of Minor Erdtree in Mistwood, take an elevator to the northeast. Continue east at the top of the elevator to reach the wooden pier next to a waterfall. Scale the wooden scaffolding and Larval Tear  Follow the path behind the waterfall to reach a merchant selling it.

Nokron, Eternal City

  • Accessed during Ranni's questline in the Elden Ring, fans from Nokron, the Eternal City Blessing Zone, should head east to the courtyard and find a Larval Tear To find it, you must enter the building on the right.
  • There is a gazebo in the area west of the Mimic Tear boss fight and the corpse underneath Larval Tear carrying.
  • Defeating Mimic Tear boss two Larval Tear Data.
  • Head north from the Night's Sacred Ground Grace Site at Elden Ring and take the stairs on the right. These stairs lead to a large building and destroy the iron orb inside. Larval Tear  it gives.

Noxtella, Eternal City

Hand Ring: Larval Tear
  • This is another location Elden Ring players can access while working through Ranni's quest and Larval Tear  is earned by sending the iron ball to the bridge near the Nokstella Grace Zone Dragonkin Soldier.


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