8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars 8-Bit

In this writing 8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine 8-bit With 4800 health, he stands like an arcade cabinet on 8-Bit timber legs. His Laser Beams shoot and his Super increases the damage of allies! in our content 8-bit We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

8-Bit Nprincipal to playTips What are  we will talk about.

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8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars 8-Bit character

8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

4800 soulful An 8-Bit opens as a Trophy common character.Road reward for reaching 6000 Trophies. He has both health and damage output, but has significantly slower movement speed compared to other characters. He uses a laser gun that he uses to fire high-damage beams at enemies with a slight spread from long distance. Her Signature ability creates a Damage Amp, granting her and allies within her radius a damage boost.

First accessory Fraudulent Cartridgeinstantly teleports him to the Damage Booster.

Second accessory Extra Credittriples the amount of ammo for his next main attack.

First Star Power Augmented Enhancer, the super Damage Amplifier Significantly increases its range.

Second Star Power Fraudulent CartridgeIncreases his speed when near his Damage Booster.

Class: Sniper

Attack: Laser Beams ;

Detonates an Explosive Beam that damages any enemy it hits. The rays have a medium range and a slight spread.

8-Bit fires a long-range burst of six beams of light, each with a small spread that does very little damage. If all beams hit, it can deal a decent amount of burst damage. The attack takes 0,75 seconds to complete.

Super: Damage Booster ;

Deploys a tower that increases the damage output of all allied players in the area of ​​effect. 
8-Bit launches a tower within its radius, increasing the damage output of itself and allies by 50%. This also improvesPoco or a Byron etc.), but not their towers or pets (Nita'bear or Jessie's tower) will also increase the healing power of players with non-affecting attacks or Supers.

Also The Turkish SiegeIt does not affect the siege boat or IKE turret or the enemy in. The effect does not stack on other 8-Bits' turrets. With this, Bull or a The cousin Damage boost is applied if a Fighter's Super, such as a Brawler, helps him move and is within range of the damage booster before using his Supers. Note: This is Brock'Doesn't affect Star Powers like flour provocative.

Damage Booster
Damage Booster

Brawl Stars 8-Bit Costumes

  • Classic 8-Bit (30 diamonds)
  • Virus 8-Bit (300 diamonds)
8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
8-Bit Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

8-Bit Features

Health ;

Level Health
1 4800
2 5040
3 5280
4 5520
5 5760
6 6000
7 6240
8 6480
9 – 10 6720

attack ;

Level Damage per beam
1 320
2 336
3 352
4 368
5 384
6 400
7 416
8 432
9 – 10 448

8-Bit Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Augmented Enhancer ;

Increases the radius of the Damage Booster by 50%.
This increases the overall range of the Damage Booster by 50%, allowing it to take up more space and affect more allies.

warrior's 2. star power : Charging ;

When he gets close to the 8-Bit Damage Booster, it will plug in and his movement speed will increase.

Movement speed increased from 8 to 7 points when 580-Bit is within 760 tiles of the Damage Booster. This Star Power's area of ​​effect covers his damage amplification area, so staying within his turret's damage amplification range gives him a speed boost and a damage boost. This Star Power takes a few seconds to take effect.

8-Bit Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Fraudulent Cartridge ;

8-Bit instantly teleports to the Damage Booster.
8-Bit instantly teleports to its booster. To use this accessory, its booster must be within 12 squares. Maintains all status effects while teleporting.

warrior's 2. accessory : Extra Credit ;

Increased the number of shells to 8 in 18-Bit's next attack.

Once activated, 8-Bit's next attack will fire 6 lasers instead of 18, dealing 3 times the damage of his basic attack in a single shot if all lasers hit. Since her attack triples the amount of bullets, 8-Bit of the attack will take 3x longer to complete.

An accessory symbol glows above 8-BIT's head, indicating the use of this accessory. Therefore, the accessory's cooldown begins after this attack is hit.

8-Bit Tips

  1. in game slowest character which is 8-Bit, Crow or a Leon It is very vulnerable to fast-moving fast players such as Reckoning At the start of their match, focus on defeating this player from a distance before they get close and have a chance to deal much more damage.
  2. Although it moves slowly, has one of the longest ranges in the game. Take advantage of this to get beyond the range of most enemies in the game.
  3. If an enemy is after 8-Bit, try to inflict that much damage to force the enemy to retreat, as you probably won't be able to evade them any further. In some cases, 8-Bit can use its accessory to avoid danger.
  4. If your health is low and someone is chasing you, you can put your booster down to fire a few shots so you can escape more easily. Remember, this is because their shells will not be completely blocked. Penny or a JessieNote that it will not work against .
  5. When you surprise someone, 8-Bit, Damage Booster can throw it towards them before they rush. But this not only allows him to attack the enemy with increased damage, but he can also take some damage for the booster 8-Bit.
  6. Due to 8-Bit's slow moving speed, Colt or a Rico such as Snipers or Barley or a Tick It will be difficult to escape from Shooters such as
  7. 7.1-Both Star Power It can also be used effectively in different situations:Augmented Enhancer, It's best used in 3v3 Events and Special Events due to the Damage Booster's extended range, allowing more allies to be within range of its booster to deal more damage.
    7.2Charging, ReckoningIt can also help 8-Bit, which fights fast and long-range players, where it's usually much easier.Diamond Catch ve Bounty Hunt It can also be useful in Activities that involve pushing and pulling, such as The speed increase also War Ballcan assist in the Siegecan control the center in
  8. 8-Bit Rogue Cartridge accessory, It can be used to rush an enemy by throwing his power-up over the wall at the enemy before teleporting. It can also be used to teleport to evade enemies if you're low on health or cornered.
  9. 8-Bit Extra Credit accessory, along with the damage increase from his power-up, deals enough damage to destroy nearly all in-game players without losing the ammo needed to defend themselves.

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