Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 ,Most Viewed E-sports Event

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The 2022 Brawl Stars World Finals, taking place at Disneyland Paris, has become mobile gaming's most-watched esports event ever. According to Esports Charts, the event recorded over 390.000 viewers and the most popular match was the last 16 match between Tribe Gaming EU and ZEST LATAM.

The total prize money of the three-day event was $1 million and the tournament had a single elimination group structure. A total of 16 teams from all over the world took part in the competition. With the grand final on November 27, the name of the champion was announced. Who is the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 champion?

Where is Brawl Stars World Finals 2022?

France Paris
The Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 tournament will be held in Paris, France, between 25-27 November. Sixteen teams from six regions, $1 prize will compete for

2022 Brawl Stars World Finals

In addition to breaking the game's record for highest viewership, which was previously set at 2020 during the 258.446 Brawl Stars World Finals, this year's release also garnered the most watched hours (2,9 million) and average viewers (200.000).

In this year's grand finale, both squads of ZETA DIVISION – ZETA DIVISION ONE and ZERO – took part and took the title of ZERO team of the Japanese organization.

Among the major Western organizations participating in the event, CS:GO in a weekend, Brawl Stars and VALORANT, SK Gaming and NAVI competing in three titles.

In terms of average viewership, Brazil is the most popular team according to Esports Charts. It became Chasmac Gaming BR (335.800). ZETA DIVISION ONE was the most watched team in terms of hours watched (913.800).

Unlike last year's event, Disney Events Arena at the 2022 Brawl Stars World Finalsspectators traveling to Similar to the other world finals of the tournament, there was a $400.000 million (~£330.472) prize pool going to $1 (~£826.180) to the winners.

2022 Brawl Stars World FinalsZETA DIVISION ZERO team won the title of world champion and $ 400.000 won the award. English was the most popular language in the tournament with 308.354 figures, followed by Spanish with 54.457 and Portuguese with 20.668, respectively.

Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Results

Eight of the 16 teams competed in the Round of 16 for two days, which was the culmination of the first stage. from japan Zeta Division One, Chasmac Gaming UKand advanced to the next round where they faced Totem Esports (who had beaten Vatra Gaming in their previous match). As a result, the Japanese team managed to win and advance to the Semi-Finals. The team advanced to the grand final thanks to its excellent performance in the semi-finals. However Zeta Division Zero also had a strong start to the season, defeating Chasmac Gaming EU in the Round of 16. They played Tribe Gaming EU in the quarterfinals and beat them 3-1 to eliminate them from the competition. The team faced Tribe Gaming in the Semifinals (who defeated SK Gaming in the Quarterfinals). Zeta Division Zerowon one more game to reach the grand finals.

Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Champion: Zeta Division Zero

  • Zeta Division Zero – $400K
  • Zeta Division One – $200K
  • STMN Esports – $80K
  • Tribe Gaming – $80K
  • Totem Esports – $30K
  • Team Queso – $30K
  • Tribe Gaming EU – $30K
  • SK Gaming – $30K
  • Chasmac Gaming EU – $15K
  • Vatra Gaming – $15K
  • AC Milan Clash – $15K
  • Stalwart Esports – $15K
  • Zest LATAM – $15K
  • Chasmac Gaming BR – $15K
  • Natus Vincere – $15K
  • Reconic Esports – $15K

Both Japanese teams faced off in the Grand Finals. Zeta Division Zero won the first round of the finals and Zeta Division One won the second round. The team fought hard to win the championship, winning three rounds in a row. Their standout player, Tensai, played a big part in the team's success in winning the championship. The 2021 Brawl Stars World Finals runner-up Natus Vincere competed and lost to Tribe Gaming in the opening round of the competition. Team Queso defeated Stalwart Esports, which debuted in August 2022 but failed to compete.