2021 Mobile Games That Will Mark 8 !!!

Mobile games, which are expected to mark 2021, aroused great curiosity in the players. Among the games released late in 2020 or not yet released, there are a few games that are expected to mark 2021.

The mobile game industry, which has managed to attract the attention of many game makers and developers in terms of its potential, seems to be mentioned even more in 2021. Because among the games that are expected to be released in 2021, there are many successful and potential games.

Here are the mobile games that are expected to be released in the new year and take the game world by storm;


Diablo Immortal Mobile


Diablo will enter the mobile game industry with the Diablo Immortal Mobile game as of 2021. With the release of Diablo Immortal Mobile, players will be able to enjoy the MMORPG on mobile devices, fight evils and raid dungeons. With its impressive world, Diablo Immortal Mobile will carry the main features of the original version of the game and present this world to the players in the best possible way.


LoL Mobile: Wild Rift


LoL Mobile: Wild Rift is in open beta in many regions, including our country. However, there are already regions that even the open beta of the game cannot reach. LoL Mobile: Wild Rift is expected to be released in 2021. Bringing the League of Legends experience to mobile devices, LoL Mobile: Wild Rift wants to carry its dominance in the MOBA genre to mobile game platforms as well. In this context, LoL Mobile: Wild Rift is among the games that are expected to mark 2021.


H1Z1 Mobile

H2015Z1, which affected the gaming industry when it was released in 1 and has led to the popularization of a completely different game genre despite losing its influence over time, may come to mobile platforms as of 2021. The move of H1Z1 to mobile gaming platforms has been known to players for a long time. However, it is unclear when the developer team will make the game playable on mobile gaming platforms. Some rumors are that the game will be released in 2021.



Dauntless, a computer game, is coming to mobile game platforms as of 2021. The action game Dauntless, which can be played on consoles as well as computers, and therefore managed to reach large audiences, is preparing to give mobile players very different experiences in the role of a monster hunter. The game, which is known to be free, is expected to mark 2021.


Plants vs. Zombies 3

Plants vs. Zombies has always been a popular game for both mobile gamers and computer gamers. While the game relaxes you in terms of its structure, it also challenges you. For this reason, the new game of this series, which has become a legend for some players, is Plants vs. Zombies 3 will be released in 2021. If you have never played this game, which has a very different gameplay, it would be useful to try it before a new game comes out.


Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles, another MMORPG game on our list of mobile games that is expected to mark 2021, has a story about a war 70 years ago.

In the game where you control a team of three characters, you have to kill big bosses. If you are interested in Summoners War: Chronicles, you can buy the game early with the pre-order option.


Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey, which has already left its mark on the mobile gaming world with its early-released gameplay videos, will take you to a completely different MMORPG experience with its own world. With Warhammer: Odyssey, which contains many traces of the Warhammer world, you can find yourself in exciting adventures.


Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends, a different kind of survival game, is coming to mobile gaming platforms. Approved by the developers and developed rapidly, Apex Legends Mobile will intensify the competition in the battle royale genre that reigns in the mobile game world. The game, whose official release date has not yet been announced, is expected to be released in 2021.